DiaLog indoor and outdoor planter family

DiaLog planter family- large, decorative and modern

DiaLog indoor and outdoor planter family

The DiaLog planter family products are decorative accessories for modern buildings, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

DiaLog – many-sided applications

The DiaLog planters come in various sizes and diverse designs, made of durable polypropylene. They can be used in a highly versatile manner, serving as decorations and borders for outdoor spaces such as terraces, underground garages, and gardens. Additionally, they can be used for installing solitaires and hydroponic cultures indoors. The DiaLog planters are made of strong, impact-resistant plastic, equipped with a rainwater storage layer and protected against fine particle erosion through the use of filter geotextile.

DiaLog Planterfamily - indoor
DiaLog Planter family – indoor

DiaLog – Product Features

Thanks to their advantageous product features, the DiaLog planters are available in various shapes and practically any color.

  • Material: polypropylene
  • Size: shape-dependent
  • Material thickness: generally 15 mm
  • Weight: shape-dependent
  • Colors: according to the RAL color chart
The DiaLog planters - varied shapes, huge choice of colours
The DiaLog planters – varied shapes, huge choice of colours

The DiaLog planters offer several advantages:

  • Unique spatial division for both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Different shapes and sizes beyond the commonly available standard dimensions.
  • Low static load on the supporting structure, even for oversized planters.
  • The centrally positioned floor plate allows for reduced overall weight of the container and economical use of planting medium.
  • Different rough and smooth surfaces, with painting options according to the RAL color chart.
  • Frost resistance: reinforced welded joints and a wide range of materials enable unlimited outdoor use.
  • Outdoor planters can be designed with overflow openings if required.
  • Indoor application: standard waterproof design, with optional water level indicators.
  • Repair spray or touch-up paint can be used to correct any damage or wear caused during installation or over time.
  • Protection of plant roots: the material used for the flower containers does not conduct heat, preventing the container walls from heating up under the influence of sunlight and protecting the roots from burning.
  • Stable container walls: railings and fencing elements can be easily and securely attached to the planters.
  • Well-designed concealed support legs for an elegant appearance.
DiaLog planter family- large dimensions, elegant appearance
DiaLog planter family – large dimensions, elegant appearance

DiaLog, the innovative planter family

The DiaLog planters are innovative products in the market of planting containers. Unlike most large outdoor planters, they are lightweight, colorful, and have a modern appearance. They can be used for residential houses, hotels, community buildings, and even as street furniture.

DiaLog planter family - either as a partition
DiaLog planter family – either as a partition

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