DIADEM® 1200

Product Description

DIADEM® 1200 is an elaborate, park-like intensive roof garden at ground level.

To provide, park-like recreational areas at ground level.t

Suitable for ground levei structures such as underground car parks.

  • Possibility of sophisticated design of the immediate building environment
  • The green roof hides and protects parts beyond the building
  • Increases the usable free areas of the lot depending on the regulations
  • It assures the possibility to reduce the runoff factor, (possibly even from 0.9 to 0.1), that is to conduct rainwater economically, thus sewage fees may decrease

Is the product suitable for use in public areas?

DIADEM® 1200 is ideal for creating parks above underground parking garages and walkways. The thickness of the growth medium and acces-sory structures of high resistance and protection levels provide also for installation in public areas.

Can road surfaces suitable for vehicle traffic be made in the garden?

The decisive factor is the load-bearing capacity of the flooring structure – the layer components of the garden superstructure are made of products suitable to withstand vehicle traffic.

What is the likely lifespan of the vegetation?

The DIADEM® 1200 system does not limit the lifespan of the vegetation in any way. Proper irrigation and nutrient refill will make it identical to that of gardens on natural ground.

  • Ground covering plans, perennials, shrubs and trees
  • SUM and SIM are the respective base and top layer soil growing media
  • VLF-200 is a superior geotextile, with excellent strength and pressure resistence properties. Made of polypropylene, it is capable of high vapour and water pemeability
  • DiaDrain-60 is a heavy duty, dimensionally stable drainage/reservoir board. lt has both good water retention and drainage properties and can be used in conjunction with the DIADEMA® irrigation system
  • VLU-500 protection and separation fleece Waterproofing
  • Screed to falls
  • Vapour control layer
  • Reinforced concrete roof deck


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