First steps

The core activity of the company set up in 1995 under the name of A.P.P. Kereskedő és Szolgáltató Bt. with an equity of HUF6000 was wholesale and foreign trade. At that time, architecture and civil engineering and the related technical support figured only as secondary activity. Péter Csizmadia was appointed its sole representative. In 1997, the company was transformed into a limited liability company, with Gábor Varga manager-owner registered as second representative. It was the “dare to dream big” attitude of these two persons that set the micro enterprise on the path of development and growth. The same year, the company headquarters were relocated to a property in Fehérvári út, where the company rented first a few office rooms, then the entire 3rd floor and, finally, in 2011, thanks to the dynamic growth of the company, they purchased the whole office building. From Autumn 2015 on, after 20 years, the two owners agreed to thread the path of “green roof” construction separately but in cooperation, as partners.


The company vision of “a city filled with gardens” is the perfect expression of the owners’ thinking and approach, and their staff and partners are working steadily on implementing that concept. We are convinced that good intentions are not enough: you have to act to make the environment friendlier, healthier and greener. We contribute to our partners’ efforts to create a green environment by offering individual products and custom-tailored services.

The Brand Name

Our vision is enhanced by the brand name DIADEM®: green roofs created on the rooftop of buildings, i.e. liveable parks and green islands in the grey and lifeless urban environment, look like beautiful headbands adorning someone’s head. The diadem is a jewel in a woman’s hair; DIADEM® is the green jewel adorning the roofs in cities.

Green roofs

The core activity of the company is to create as many green roofs as possible, of the biggest size possible, in as many countries as possible. The market demand for green roofs and the special concepts of our partners are met by a range of 120 products of own development and, currently, 180 standard ones.

Safety technology

In addition to the green roof line, DiaSafe®, our safety technology product range to protect people working at heights, consisting of individual and collective fall protection systems and their combinations has also developed into an important area at the company.