Benefits of green roofs

Increasing usable spaces

The volume of the green spaces and usable free areas of the property increase without increasing the lot size, consequently the standards of people’s direct living and working conditions improve.

New living space

A new living space for the flora and fauna which are pushed into the background of the densely populated settlements, supporting the initiatives launched for the safeguarding and maintaining of the species.

Reducing runoff factor

It assures possibility to reduce the runoff factor, that is to conduct the rainwater economically, thus the sewage fees may decrease.

Efficient energy savings

The most efficient energy saving (keeps the warm inside in winter and outside in summer), reducing the physical, chemical and biological charges of the insulating plate, thus optimalizing the insulating capacity of the roof, and increasing the lifetime of the structure.

Exempted sewage system

The water flow value of the real estate is reduced, thus the sewage system is exempted of overloading, returning the water to the natural cycle

Improving microclimate

Temperature extremes are reduced, and by the absorption of most of the radiation plus the increase of air moisture the microclimate is significantly improved.

Island of tranquility

The step and air sound inhibition, and the heat insulating capacities are increased.

Absorbing pollutants

Many pollutants of the urban environment are absorbed , even the effect of light pollution is reduced to some degree.

Environmentally conscious

The responsible architectural culture indicates the building owner’s concern for the environment.


The photosynthesis of plants is the most efficient method to utilise solar energy to best advantage.