Product Description

DIADEM® 350 is a semi-intensive type ot green roof, generally covered with grasses, perennials and shrubs, offering different tinishes and uses.

ln addition to the usual ecological benefits this type of construction has the added value of providing additional valuable space tor recreational use.

This type of installation is recommended where there is the desire to create a pleasant enviroment that can be used by those working or living at the location.

  • Suitable tor every day use
  • Property value increases
  • Better use made ot available space
  • Wide range of designs are possible
  • Relatively low investment cost
  • Ideal technical solution
  • lmproved thermal efficiency
  • Enhanced enviromental benefits
  • Good rainwater retention
  • lnstallation is more economical than that of a tully landscaped roof garden
  • ldeal for an inverted roof construction as it provides the advantage of additional roof membrane protection

When should the inverse vs. regular layer order be applied?

A rather complex analysis is needed for answering this question. The benefits of the inverse layer order lie mainly in the protection of the insulation plate and the simplicity of the construction, whereas the regular one is advantageous for the operation of the garden superstructure.

How can lawn-mowing be solved on surfaces accessible from the flats?

This inevitable activity is worth considering already in the design phase, and a maintenance exit should be provided to the roof. A bridging solution might be the use of tiny “droid” mowers that traverses the roof surface frequently enough for the small clippings to remain on the roof without problem.

How long can the lawn be beautiful on the roof?

By providing the grass ongoing and regular care it is easy to ensure that the garden be renewed in the same cycle as the building.

  • Soil-covering plants with grass types, perennials and shrubs
  • SRM-30 is a nutrient rich soil mix consisting ot lava, pumice, recycled crushed clay based products and enriched with compost
  • SRM is ideal for lawns
  • VLF-200 is a superior geotextile, with excellent strength and pressure resistence properties
  • Made of polypropylene, it is capable of high vapour and water pemeability
  • DiaDrain-40H is a light drainage/reservoir board. lt has good load bearing capabilities and provides tor excellent drainage, reservoir and aeration
  • Extruded polystyrene thermal insulation boards suitable for inverted root construction
  • Optional: VLU-300 protection and separation fleece
  • Note: This layer must be installed where compatibility problems exist between the different layers. Root resistant waterprooting membrane
  • NOTE: Non root resistant waterprooting membranes require a separate root resistant layer eg.
  • FLW-400. screed to talls
  • Reinforced concrete roof deck


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