In addition to the distribution of green roof systems and security products, we also offer our customers design services: whatever individual idea, plan for implementation they have, our staff are ready to assist them.

Planning principles

You will need professional planners with adequate experience to draw up application/installation plans for individual and collective protection systems. The plan must take into account the properties of the building and the site, and the relevant requirements. It is commendable to give priority to the use/plan of fall-arrest systems. The responsible engineer must always approve any modification that may occur during implementation.

In case personal protective equipment is used, the plan shall include inter alia:

  • the exact position of anchor posts and other system elements
  • the system elements to be built in
  • the maximum length of the personal protective equipment
  • the maximum number of permitted users

In case collective protective equipment is used, the plan must contain by all means:
The material demand and installation plan, provided by the DIADEM® engineer team;
The plan shall take into account the specifics, features of the building and the local specifics; should the contractor want to deviate from the installation plan, the proposed modification shall be put up for consultation first.

Key information needed in order to provide plans

For individual protective equipment:

  1. Project data (country, city, street etc.)
  2. Roof category based on use intensity
  3. Roof plan view including the height data of the various surfaces by level (e.g. roof level, terrace, ground-floor, attica, superstructure specifics)
  4. Facade and sectional drawings inc. height data
  5. Place and means of exit to the rooftop (door, ladder etc.)
  6. Roof’s inclination
  7. Place of superstructures or elements to be installed later (e.g. solar collector)
  8. Roof build-up structure
  9. Ballast material (e.g. growth medium, gravel, cladding elements)
  10. Drawings in dwg format (to accelerate the planning process); if that is not available, pdf is acceptable

For collective protective equipment:

  1. Roof plan view drawing incl. indication of the place of the safety bar(s)
  2. Facade and sectional drawings including height data (Drawings in dwg format (to accelerate the design process); if that is not available, pdf is acceptable)
  3. Roof’s inclination (for the DiaSafe® Guard system it is up to 5°)
  4. Place of superstructures or elements to be installed later (solar panels, air conditioner’s external unit etc.)
  5. Skylight protection (to be protected by the DiaSafe® Guard)