Extensive green roof build-up

DIADEM® 150 is a multi-layer green roof system, comprising protection fleece, drainage layer, filter fleece and mineral­rich plant growing media suitable for drought-resistant plants

To provide an ecologically sound protection layer to the roof with all the advantages listed below.

Application of the product is recommended for building structures with limited load bearing capacity and in areas with no or minimal regularity of use.

  • lmproved thermal insulating ability.
  • Rainwater retention capability, helping to reduce the extent of flash floods.
  • Living space for nature
  • Suitable for most lightweight roof structures

What maintenance does the vegetation require?

Once established, these plants are extremely sturdy and consequently require only minimal maintenance, limited to occasional weeding.

How long does it take for the vegetation to become established?

This depends on the planting method and the conditions at the time of planting.

What type of planting is possible?

The sedum/wildflower mix is selected to suit the local conditions.

  • Drought resistant perennial plants
  • SEM growing medium, possessing low organic material content made of mostly mineral components and with good water permeability characteristics
  • The VLF-150 Filter Layer is a superior geotextile, with excellent strength and pressure resistance properties. Made of polypropylene, it is capable of high vapour and water pemeability
  • Diadrain-25 Light Weight Drainage / Reservoir Board. lt has good load bearing capabalities and provides for excellent drainage, reservoir and aeration properties
  • The VLU-300 Mechanical Protection Layer is a specially formulated Polypropylene sheet which has a harci upper and soft under side making it ideal for the protection of the waterproofing membrane
  • Root resistant waterproofing membrane
  • NOTE: Non root resistant waterproofing membranes require a separate root resistant layer eg. FLW-500.
    Compatible thermal insulation layer.
    Vapour control layer


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