Product description

DIADEM® 750 is an intensive roof garden, comparable with a ground levei natural garden in thai its design and planting are similar. By use of a sophisticated yet simple water management system it is possible to plant and grow more demanding vegetation, even trees.

The ultimate garden-experience, complex use of rainwater.

This system is ideal where a suitable strong load bearing structure is available.

  • Suitable for every day use
  • Property value increases
  • Best use made of available space
  • Wide space range of designs are possible
  • Technically sound
  • lmproved thermal efficiency
  • Excellent enviromental benefits
  • Better rainwater retention

Can plant roots cause damage to the building?

Modern, root resistant rainwater-proofing membranes prevent root penetration effects. In case of retrofitting, a root-resistant layer (FLW-1000) should be used.

What about mowing and the treatment of grass clippings?

With adequate mowing frequency, clippings may be left on the surface and they will boost natural nutrient cycling.

Can a pond be made on the roof?

Shallow decorative ponds can be made in almost every intensive roof garden. A key criterion is to have separate roof rainwater and pond insulation.

  • Ground cover plants, shrubs, some trees, grasses, etc …
  • SIM-56 is a nutrient rich soil mix consisting of lava, pumice, recycled crushed clay based
    products and enriched with compost. SIM is ideal for intensive vegetation
  • VLF-200 is a superior geotextile, with excellent strength and pressure resistence properties. Made
    of polypropylene, it is capable of high vapour and water pemeability
  • DiaDrain-60H is a heavy duty, dimensionally stable drainage/reservoir board. lt has both good water
    retention and drainage properties and can be used in conjunction with the DIADEM” irrigation
  • VLU-500 protection and separation fleece,
  • Root resistant waterproofing membrane, NOTE: Non root resistant waterproofing membranes
    require a separate root resistant layer eg. FLW-400
  • lnsulation
  • Vapour control layer
  • Reinforced concrete roof deck


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