A Lovable Green Roof Expert

A Lovable Green Roof Expert

We can be proud of our company not only as an expert in green roofs and as a family-friendly workplace, but now also as a lovable workplace. Diadem – A.P.P. Kft., won the Loveable Workplace award again this year, in the medium-sized company category. Our company, which deals with the construction of green roofs and fall protection, won the prestigious recognition for the second time in 2022 after 2017/2018.

Green roof in a roundabout?

In our tender application, we highlighted what we are most proud of:

  • For 27 years, we have been rapidly developing in the field of green roofs and fall protection systems
  • We have developed a special blue-green roof
  • Our products and technology are protected by international patents
  • We won the Hungarian Product Innovation Award for our DiaSafe® fall protection systems in 2015
  • With the installation of our products, more than 1,000,000 m2 green roofs were built worldwide in 2021
  • We established a roundabout in our own investment in Győr

Green roof as a mission

Our corporate mission, which was formulated by Péter Csizmadia, managing director and owner, was also an important part of our tender material.

“We are convinced that it is our duty to return to Mother Earth the area that we take possession of with our buildings. We see the Earth as an element of existence, since it is the source of all life and it is worth protecting and taking care of it. Our vision is a city “engrafted” with a garden. With our products and services, we help people bring nature back into their built environment with environmentally conscious thinking.”

 “This recognition is particularly important to us, because we believe that a company is successful where employees feel psychologically safe. All our measures aimed at increasing employee well-being and improving the working environment contribute to this, which make our company a safe and lovable workplace,” said Ildikó Mayer, company manager/business director of A.P.P. Kft.

Diadem® among the best

Our company, known by the brand name Diadem®, stood in a particularly crowded field this year. In 2022, more than 1,700 Hungarian workplaces were tested, regardless of company size. Compared to last year’s 68,000 votes, the employees were even more active this year: now more than 72,000 votes were distributed among the participating companies during the public voting.

The green roof expert team

The Loveable Workplace Award was founded by the job search portal DreamJo.bs, and this time the awarding was decided by employees and job seekers again.

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