Water-retention and flow-delay drainage board

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  • High rainwater retention ⇒ nearly 19,59 l/m2 of water storage capacity
  • Prevention of water channel system overuse ⇒ waterflow speed decreased by stepped barriers
  • Microbiological resistance test (EN 12225) ⇒ additional protection for the waterproofing layer against microbiological damage
  • Recessed evaporation vents ⇒ unobstructed aeration
  • Durable and high impact-resistant material (HIPS) ⇒ stability under pavements, water cooling is not needed during summer installations
  • Snap the board for the required size ⇒ No cutter needed on the work site
  • Negligible overlap loss ⇒ economical installation and cost savings
  • Increased contact area ⇒ decreased surface pressure

DIADEM® Build-up

  • Vegetation (Intensive)
  • Growing media
  • VLF-150/200 filter layer
  • DiaDrain-40H
  • VLU-300/VLS-500 mechanical protection layer
  • Root-resistant waterproofing membrane
  • Roof construction


Water-retention and flow-delay drainage board for semi-intensive and intensive green roofs and hard-surface pedestrian areas for flat roofs and zero-degree slope roof construction, made of recycled high-impact polystyrene (HIPS). Suitable for solving standing water problems on existing roofs.


Water-retention and flow-delay drainage board with CE marking, made of recycled high-impact polystyrene, 40 mm high, stepped barrier form, with recessed evaporation vents and water channel system on the underside, compressive strength unfilled: 338 kN/m2 according to test reports (average value measured by SKZ-Testing GmbH, Würzburg,Germany), compressive strength filled at 10% compressive strain: 588 kN/m2, the guarenteed minimum of the compressive strength: 210 kN/m2, water flow capacity on 2% roof slope 1,01 l/m×s certified according to EN ISO 12958, water storage capacity 19,59 l/m2, microbiological resistance tested (EN 12225), laid.

Product: DIADEM® DiaDrain-40H
Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO): APP Kft.
Website: www.diadem.com

Technical data

Board size (mm): 2040×1040×40 (kb 2,12m2/lap)
Rainwater retention capacity (l/m2): 19,59
In-fill volume (l/m2): 22,75
Overlap loss: ~5%
Surface weight (kg/m2): 1,96
Compressive strength (unfilled) (SKZ average value, kN/m2): 338
Compressive strength (filled)at 10% compressive strain (kN/m2): 588
Material: recycled high-impact polystyrene (HIPS)
Water flow capacity EN ISO 12958 (l/m*s): at 1%: 0,70 • at 2%: 1,01 • at 3%: 1,25 • at 5%: 1,63
Storage: horizontally, protect from UV radiation
Installation: adjacent to each other or overlapped, cover immediately after laying
Production: Made in Germany

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