Step-proof lawn edging


  • Durable and corrosion-free ⇒ galvanized according to the EN DIN1461:2009
  • Mounting possible without bedding ⇒ into loose soil with rubberhead hammer, or into spade, if the soil is dense
  • Free tracing ⇒ forming straight and curved edges are also possible
  • Modern design ⇒ almost invisible separation
  • Stable cladding-edge ⇒ long-lasting, step-proof edging solution between grass and cladding
  • No unwanted displacement of the lawn edging ⇒ clever binding system for the succession of the elements with simple fixing by flat-headed wire pin


The GG-FF-175 step-proof lawn edging offers a professional, aesthetic and durable solution for separating garden walkways, paved surfaces, lawn areas and flower beds. Forming straight and curved edges are also possible.


Step-proof steel lawn edging with 2 mm thick visible upper edge and 1 mm material thickness, 17,5 cm height, and 2 m length, galvanizing layer according to the EN DIN 1461:2009, used for separating garden walkways, paved surfaces, lawn areas and flower beds, with integrated fastener, stabilized with D8 x 300 flat head wire pin, also possible to use bent or angled if needed; weight: 2,86 kg/piece; deliver and install in a professional manner.

Product: DIADEM® GG-FF-175
Certificate of Origin (MCO): APP Kft.

Technical data

Size (mm): 2000 x 19,5 x 175
Material: hot dip galvanised steel (GG-FF-175); on demand also in stainless steel (GG-ES-175), corten steel (GG-CS-175) or aluminium (GG-AL-175)
Galvanizing quality: DIN EN ISO 1461:2009 (ca. 55 mikron)
Material thickness (mm): 1
Weight: 2,86 kg/pc (pc= 2 m)
Visible upper edge (mm): 2
Possible arc radius (cm): ca. 35
Anchoring spike (mm): D8 x 300 flat-headed wire pin

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