Non-penetrating, hands-free horizontal lifeline system

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  • Hands-free ⇒ continuous free movement along the whole roof edge
  • Permanently secured by roof layer ⇒ May be fixed without penetrating the waterproofing membrane
  • No thermal bridges ⇒ Junction elements are not necessary for installation
  • State of the art ⇒ tested and certified to EN795:2012 (valid since 31.01.2013) and CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Cost friendly ⇒ span between achoring points up to 8 m
  • Corrosion proof ⇒ Can be installed in coastal regions with salt exposure and industrial areas affected by acid rain

DIADEM® Build-up

Growing media or gravel
DiaSafe® damping plate with integrated damping mat
* VLF-150/200 filter layer
* DiaDrain-25H flow-delay retention board
VLU-300/VLU-500 protection layer
Root-resistant waterproofing membraine
Roof construction

*Optional layer for gravel roof


Hands-free horizontal fall protection system ensuring the safety of people working at height on flat roofs with up to 5° incline.


DiaSafe® Glide

CE-marked non penetrating hands-free fall protection system, for one or for two persons, standard EN795:2012 (valid since 31.01.2013) and CEN/TS 16415:2012, class C certified, as fall arrest or fall restraint system, installed without penetrating the water membrane, with “Amoeba”-shaped damping plate, with integrated energy-absorbent anchor post of stainless steel that is resistant to acid rain in industrial regions and salt air in coastal regions, with a fibreglass laminated cone and laminated ballasting mat, in signal-green colour, with height-marking lines for assisting measurement of ballast material in dry conditions at 80 kg/m2 distributed over the ballasting mat surface, supplied as fully-functional system ready for immediate professional installation according to the approved implementation plan and laid out using guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Further information:

DiaSafe® Glide anchor post, DS amoeba damping plate with GFK-cone and damping mat: ……….. piece, Stainless steel anchoring wire length: approx. ………… m

Product: DiaSafe® Glide
Producer’s certificate: APP Kft. (H–9028 Győr, Fehérvári út 75.)

Technical data

Relevant standards: EN795:2012 • CEN/TS 16415:2013 • D.A.CH.S directives • ÖNORM B3417
Highest tensile strength on the waterproofing membrane (N/mm2): 0,00155 N/mm2
Multi-user: yes
Resistant to salt and acid: yes
Effective in winter conditions (frost, snow): yes
Hands-free usage: yes

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