Length-adjustable gravel board

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  • One product can be applied for six different – two per type – media depth ⇒ board can be turned to select different heights
  • Sliding length adjustment avoids need to cut ⇒ telescoping design between 2 and ~3.9m
  • Stable structure ⇒ once length is set, the included locking clips prevent slippage
  • Increased drainage capacity by a total of 54 cm2 slots / meter, corresponding to a Ø 8.2 cm drain
  • Secures green roof termination on a slightly inclined roof ⇒ forms a truss when used with holding textile and fixing element
  • Adjustable corner angles ⇒ corner elements available which can be adjusted between 88º and 359º
  • Rigid and stable design with clearly recognisable separation ⇒ 5-angle bent edges provide strength and visual appeal
  • High corrosion protection ⇒ constructed from durable and recyclable high-grade aluminum
  • Easy to transport and handle light construction and efficient packaging with
    up to 720 lm/pallet
  • Free standing and easy to install ⇒ fixable without adhesives or fastening, held in place by ballast

DIADEM® Build-up


Border of extensive green roofs, or separation of various aggregates (eg: gravel, substrate), as erosion protection and to form a roof edge in the absence of a parapet. Installed on the waterproofing membrane or on the protective layer without any roof penetration. FLL Guidelines (Edition 2008) – Section 6.11.1 – 6.11.3


Length-adjustable and lockable green roof edge profile and separation board with perforation for drainage, constructed from aluminum. Supplied with two (2) locking clips, six optional heights of 6 or 9; 8 or 12; 14 or 22 cm, fixed by ballast (no roof structure penetration). Corner pieces for any angle between 88º and 359º, and holding textile and textile fixing elements. Suitable for flat to gentle inclines.

Product: DIADEM® KLS
Manufacturer‘s certificate: APP Kft.
Website: www.diadem.com


Locking clips1: used to lock gravel boards after the length has been adjusted.
KLSD textile fixing element2: used to attach the holding textile mat to gravel boards.
KLS-AL-TK-UNI-ECKE2: 6, 9, 8, 12, 14 and 22 cm high gravel board corner piece to set corner angles between 88° and 359°
1 Standard accessories • 2 Special accessories

Installation scheme

Szerelési útmutató

Locking clips

Holding textile and textile fixing element

Corner pieces

Technical data

Height of the profile: 6 or 9; 8 or 12; 14 or 22 cm
Length of the profile: The 2 m piece is extendable to 3.9 (at 4 cm joint overlap)
Water drainage: 54 cm2/m (equivalent to a Ø 8.2 cm drain outlet)
Weight: 6/9: 1,6 kg/pc; 8/12: 2,35 kg/pc; 14/22: 5,6 kg/pc
Material: aluminium
Standard Accessories: Locking clips
Special Accessories: corner pieces (KLS-AL-6/9|8/12|14/22-TK-UNI-ECKE), Textile fixing element, Custom sizes (on request)

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