Height adjustable pedestals



  • Easy-fit, pluggable 60 mm extension elements (DT+) ⇒ pedestals can be installed quickly and accurately, with no fine tuning or positioning necessary when adjusting height
  • Spacer tab (Tile Cross) can also be used with tiles, gratings and wood or WPC terraces ⇒ same pedestal for all applications
  • Rounded base ⇒ no damage to roof insulation
  • Strengthening vertical ribs run up the full height of the pedestal ⇒ load capacity up to 1000 kg/pedestal
  • Unhindered drainage with the open-jointed pavement using the 5 mm tile support tabs ⇒ compliance with the german Green Roof Association‘s (FBB) directive No.6.
  • Leveling up to 5% ⇒ Slope correctors of 2% and 3% can be freely combined with each other
  • High resistance to UV radiation, frost, chemicals, biological and other elements including bitumen ⇒ exceptionally sturdy polypropylene material
  • Fast installation ⇒ Height adjustment from 26-440 mm

DIADEM® Build-up


With DiaTurtle® pedestals, all kinds of decking can be set exactly to a desired height. Laying concrete slabs or wood/WPC paving on pedestals without using grout or cement offers a number of advantages when constructing a terrace. A layer of air under the paving helps to protect the roof surface and cross-ventilation prevents algae growth, discolouration, efflorescence and discourages unwanted vegetation. The lack of gravel and a sand bed reduces load and sound emission. The space created under the paving makes it easier to lay and maintain wires and cables.


Height adjustable from … mm to … mm, heavy duty polypropylene pedestal, designed for concrete slabs/gratings and for terraces with wooden or WPC decking. Resistant to UV radiation, adverse weather and chemicals. Temperature range: -20°C up to 120°C. Top/base support: D 120/200mm; with rounded base plate to avoid pressure damage in the roof waterproofing; height: …-… mm; Load-bearing capacity per pedestal: ca. 1000 kg. Available accessories: DT-WF/DT-WFH batten holder; DT-SH10/DT-SH20 levelling shim (1.3mm/2mm); DT-SH50 Noise absorbing shim (5,0mm); DTSC20/DT-SC30 slope corrector (2%/3%); DT-J30/DT-J50 spacer tab as standard size; DT-J20/DT-J60/DT-J80 spacer tab as special size; DT T-profile for wooden and WPC decking.

Product: DiaTurtle®
Certificate of Origin (MCO): APP Kft.
Web: www.diadem.com

Technical data

Material required based on tiles of different sizes**:
40 x 40 cm: ca. 7.3 db/m2; 50 x 50 cm: ca. 4.6 db/m2; 60 x 60 cm: ca. 3.1 db/m2
DT Top diameter (mm): 120
DT Base diameter (mm): 200
Load capacity: ca. 1000
Material: polypropylene

**Depends on the form of terrace surface

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