Drainage channel with 2 fixing clamps

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  • Good water draining capacity that improves the functioning of the green roof
  • It makes a low profile layer build-up possible
  • Simple installation

DIADEM® Build-up

  • extensive vegetation
  • extensive substrate (SEM)
  • SK-AL-24/60 drainage channel (may be covered with a piece of filter geotextile)
  • VLU-300 mechanical protection geotextile
  • root-resistant water proofing
  • further build-up


One layered green roofs – it improves the drainage capacity where there is no dedicated drainage layer.


Drainage channel made of aluminium for appropriate channeling of green roofs with single-course construction or of terraces and other surfaces without drainage boards; with a pre-cut drain pipe opening with a diameter of 52 mm; dimensions: 200×12.45×2.41 cm (LxWxH); weight: 0.94 kg/piece; 0.47 kg/lm.

Product: DIADEM® SK-AL-24/60
Manufacturer’s certificate: APP Kft.
Website: www.diadem.com

Technical data

Length (cm): 200
Nominal width (cm): 6
Total width (cm): 12,45
Height (cm): 2,41
Water drainage openings (mm): 50×3
Water drainage openings (cm2/fm): 97,5
Material: aluminium
Thickness of material (mm): 1,2
Weight (kg/pc): 0,94
Weight (kg/lm): 0,47

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