Drainage board perforated on both sides

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  • Lower and upper drainage openings ⇒ fast drainage for water on the structure that don’t need to be retained
  • Raised shoulders, unhindered drainage in the lower level of board
  • Negligible overlap loss ⇒ economical installation
  • Increased contact area ⇒ decreased surface pressure

DIADEM® Build-up

  • Tiles (with FKU-5 cross spacer)
  • Growing media
  • DiaDrain-25H-UP
  • VLU-300/500 mechanical protection layer
  • Root-resistant waterproofing membrane
  • Roof construction


DiaDrain-25H-UP leads water appearing in layer structure through the upper and lower drainage openings to the lower level of the drainage board where it can flow unhinderly to the roof outlet. Recommended use in areas where water retention is not needed at all.


Drainage board, perforated on both sides, made of high-impact polystyrene, height 25 mm, with lower and upper drainage openings for the unhindered water drainage of paved/wooden surfaces of roof areas and for gravel roof build-up. Water flow capacity at 2% roof slope is 0,57 l/m×s certified according to EN ISO 12958, microbiological resistance tested (EN 12225).

Product: DIADEM® DiaDrain-25H-UP
Certificate of Origin (MCO): APP Kft.

Technical data

Board size (mm): 202 × 110 × 2,5
Weight (kg/m2): 1,36
Water flow capacity 20 kPa, i=0,01 l/(mxs): 0,39
Water flow capacity 20 kPa, i=0,02 l/(mxs): 0,57
Water flow capacity 20 kPa, i=0,03 l/(mxs): 0,71
Water flow capacity 20 kPa, i=0,05 l/(mxs): 0,91
Water flow capacity 20 kPa, i=1 l/(mxs): 4,12
Material: High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)
Overlap loss: <4%
Storage: store horizontally, for long-term storage protect from UV radiation
Installation: adjacent to each other or overlapped and covered within 24 hours
Production: Made in Germany

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