Our main profile is to install green roofs in as many countries, over as large an area and in as large a number as possible.
We serve our partners' individual green roof ideas with a range of nearly 120 custom-developed products and, currently, 180 standard products.

  • Geotextiles and Root resistant membranes
  • Substrates and mineral wool
  • Drainage boards
  • Anti-Erosion solutions
  • Plants
  • Metal edges
  • Light edges
  • Concrete edges
  • Channels
  • Drain channels
  • Inspection boxes
  • Cross spacer product family
  • DiaLog Indoor and outdoor planter family
  • Height adjustable pedestals
  • DIADEM® Terrace grids

In addition to green roofs, our DiaSafe® safety products for people working at height, consisting of fall protection and collective protection systems, or a combination of both, has become a key product range.

  • Secured by green roof layer build-up
  • Fix anchor systems
  • Modular railing system for terrace edging
  • DiaSafe Guard safety railing systems

We provide professional advice and BIM design services.
Our experts will prepare your personalised offer within a short time!

Anett Perger

Head of Sales / Deputy Supply Chain director

Róbert Olláry jun.

Sales referent