Water-retention and drainage board

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  • High rain- and irrigation-water retention ⇒ approx. 30,5 l/m2 water storage capacity
  • Protecting the waterproofing against the scattering of the filling material ⇒ protective overlapping edge around the board
  • Increased contact surface ⇒ heightened protection of the waterproofing through the favorable weight distribution
  • Long-term ventillation of the root area ⇒ increased diffusion openings
  • Durable and high compressive strength material (HIPS) ⇒ no water cooling needed during summer installations
  • Preventing the sinking of the filter layer ⇒ dedicated support cones
  • Suitable for flooded blue roof ⇒ Flooding height with approx 50 mm; with the combination of DiaDrain-60H-UP as a DiaDrain-120-WM wassermanagement system up to 100 mm water level
  • Fire classification regarding EN 13501-1 ⇒ classified as class „E“ construction product, therefore without limitation applicable

DIADEM® Build-up

  • Vegetation
  • Growing media
  • VLF-200 filter layer
  • DiaDrain-60H drainage board (filled)
  • VLS-500 water retention
    and mechanical protection layer
  • Root resistant waterproofing membraine
  • Roof construction


Rainwater-retention and flow-delay drainage board for semi-intensive or intesive roof gardens, for green roofs with flooded irrigation system and for paved roofs with sporadical traffic, eg. car parks, fire department access roads.


Rainwater-retention and flow-delay drainage board with CE marking, made of recycled high-impact polystyrene (HIPS), 60 mm high, for semi-intensive or intesive roof gardens, and for green roofs with flooded irrigation system up to a water level of approx. 50 mm (even up to approx. 100 mm when used in the DiaDrain-120-WM System), and for paved roofs with sporadical traffic, eg. car parks, fire department access roads, when filled and laid with bedding layer above the filter fleece. With overlapping strip around the board, dam grid structure and large water storage cells for an outstanding water retention of 30.45 l/m2, with perforations on the upside, and water channel system on the underside for water
drainage and vapour diffusion, especially for inverted roofs. Can be used for diffusion- and capillary irrigation. Compressive strength: 122 kN/m2 (average); Water flow capacity on 2% roof slope 2.06 l/(m×s) certified according to EN ISO 12958, fire classification as class „E“ construction product regarding EN 13501-1.

Product: DIADEM® DiaDrain-60H
Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO): APP Kft.
Website: www.diadem.com

Technical data

Dimensions (mm): 1940x940x60 (nominal); 1980x940x60 (gross)
Surface (m2): 1,82
Water storage capacity (l/m2): 30,45
Fill-up volume (l/m2): kb. 40
Weight (+/- 5%, kg/m2): 2,2
Compressive strength (unfilled, average, kN/m2): 122
Compressive strength (filled, 21,55% compressive strain, kN/m2): 1320
Material: high impact polystyrene (HIPS)
Water flow capacity DIN EN ISO 12958 (l/(mxs)): at 2%: 2,06 • at 5%: 3,34 • at 10%: 4,81
Fire classification: Class E regarding DIN EN 13501-1
Storage: horizontally, protect from UV radiation
Installation: adjacent to each other or overlapped, cover immediately after laying
Overlapping loss (%): 1,5

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