Vandal-proof inspection boxes for roof surfaces with light vehicle traffic

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  • Usable for roof surfaces burdened with car traffic
  • Independent of the water outlet type, it can be used on green roofs and also ballasted roofs
  • Shockproof and UV proof material
  • Applicable for different types of drainage systems, can even receive drain tubes
  • The cover is steps-proof and lockable
  • Suitable for receiving of fittings of irrigation equipments
  • Ensures surface water conduction through a filter
  • Prevents the sunshine from reaching the inside, therefore it keeps the area clean of vegetation around the water outlet

DIADEM® Build-up

  • Stone pavement
  • Laying
  • VLF-200 filter layer optional
  • Crushed stone bed
  • DiaMassive-25 drainage board (filled with crushed stones)
  • VLU-300 mechanical protection layer
  • Water proofing
  • Structure/further layer structure


TGS products ensure the unobstructed drainage of roofs, professional maintenance of water outlets and protect the structure against violent impacts while excluded from the superstructure of public spaces or surfaces with light vehicle traffic.


Extremely stable, strong square shaped inspection box made of polypropylene, with expanded footprint, steel cover, and 4 pre-cut interlockable drainage openings (dia.D52 mm). Especially recommended for public areas, locations with high regularity of light vehicle traffic and also in locations susceptible to damage. Colour of the plastic base: RAL 7032; colour of the cover: black;
size: TGS-30: 30x30x30 cm (LxWxH); TGS-40: 40x40x30 cm
weight: TGS-30: 16.5 kg/piece; TGS-40: 25,8 kg/piece

Product: DIADEM® TGS-30 / 40
Manufacturer‘s certificate: APP Kft.

Technical data

Height (cm): 30/40
Width (cm): 30/40
Length (cm): 30/40
Weight (kg/db): 16,5 / 25,8
Drainage openings (cm): 19,4×0,6 / 20×0,6
Drainage surface (cm2): 70/72
Drain connection opening with lock D=52mm (pc): 4
Material (house): polyprophylene
Material (grid): steel
Colour (house): RAL 7032
Colour (grid): fekete

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