Sedum shoots and carpet

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  • Economical solution
  • Sedum that is guaranteed to develop on a greenroof, which results in a resistant and durable vegetation


  • Green roof ready to be handed over ⇒ the pre-grown plants allow the quick installation of an instant vegetation
  • Assures complete vegetation coverage, thus there is no danger of erosion
  • The roots are already developed at installation, thus there is less need of care
  • Suitable for roofs with inclination



Sedum shoots for scottering, consisting of 5-8 different Sedum species and varieties, trained for special green roof conditions. Proportion of flowering parts: <5%. Required quantity for machine sowing on industrial green roofs: 80-100 g/m2. Required quantity for manual sowing on smaller private areas: 100-150 g/m2. Sow immediately after delivery! May be stored in a cool, dry, shady place for max. 2-4 days.

Product: DIADEM® DIAlbum
Manufacturer‘s certificate: APP Kft.


Sedum mat consisting of 5-8 different Sedum species and varieties, trained for special green roof conditions, for the immediate greening of extensive green roofs. Coverage: at least 75%; Thickness: approx. 2 cm; Dimension: from 2m2 to 4m2, depending on the required quantity; delivered in rolls; weight in dry condition: approx. 15 kg/m2; saturated weight: approx. 20 kg/m2. Has to be installed immediately after delivery! After the installation regulary watering (min. 20-30 l/m2) is needed, until the sedum mat has taken root firmly and the requested coverage is achieved.

Product: DIADEM® MAT25
Manufacturer‘s certificate: APP Kft.

Technical data

Sedum species, number of species (pc): 5-8
Shoot length (cm): 1-5
Required quantity (g/m2): 80- 100 (machine sowing); 100-150 (manual sowing)
Size (various, depending on the required quantity) (m2): 2-4
Thickness (cm):ca.2
Weight (kg/m2):ca.20 (dry: ca 15)
Vegetation coverage (%): min. 75

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