DiaSafe® Fix systems

DiaSafe® Fix systems

The DiaSafe® Fix systems acquire their final stability by being fixed to the roof.
DiaSafe® Wall-Fix
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DiaSafe® Wall-Fix
Fall Protection Anchoring System
130905; 130906; 130907
  • Can be combined with DiaSafe® ballasted systems
  • Multi-user system
  • Hands-free ⇒ unhindered movement along the safety line1
  • 3 types of system are available – Single Duo, Line Multi, Glide Duo
  • Stainless steel
1 In case of Glide Duo
DiaSafe Falikar 2
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1.Thermal insulation
2.DiaSafe® wall anchor
5.Spacer Tube*

* Additional element. Only needed if the
wall is insulated, for load distribution.

A DiaSafe® Wall-Fix Systems are primarily made to be mechanically fixed to wall structures with adequate load bearing capacity for securing people working at heights. The system can be used as fall restraint or fall arrest system as well.

CE-marked safety system against falls from height, fixed mechanically to building structure with adequate load bearing capacity (which resists a dynamic force of 15kN), for use by two persons or - in certain combination - for use by several persons according to the standards EN 795:2012 and CEN/TS 16415, class „A” and „C” certified as fall arrest or fall restraint system. With system components made of 1.4404 (316) stainless steel, resistant to acid environments and salt air in coastal regions with control label and detailed documentation. Supplied fully functional, ready for immediate professional installation according to the approved installation plan and the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. The fasteners necessary for the installation are not included.

Product: DiaSafe® Wall-Fix
Manufacturer's certificate. APP Ltd.
Website: www.diadem.com

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Maximum inclination of roof: 45º
Maximum number of users: 2
Wall anchors minimum distance [m]: 1,5
Wall anchors maximum distance [m]: 8
Tensile strength of cable [kN]: 33,4
Maximum static load of the system during a rescue process according to EN795:2012 [kg]: 600
Material:: 1.4404 (316) stainless steel
DiaSafe® Floor-Fix Single Duo
BIM file available!

DiaSafe® Floor-Fix Glide Duo
BIM file available!

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