Root protection layer

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  • Bitumen-proof, oil-proof and polystyrene-proof
  • May be installed as vapour control layer and skid membrane as well

DIADEM® Build-up

  • extensive vegetation
  • extensive substrate (SEM)
  • VLF-150 filter fleece
  • DD-25H drainage layer
  • VLF-110
  • FLW-400 root protection layer
  • VLU-300 technical protection fleece
  • not root-resistant water proofing
  • additional layers


The vegetation of extensive green roofs usually doesn‘t pose a danger to the building structure, but carried by the wind, various plants can appear on the roof, that have aggressive roots and even ones with rhizomes, that are able to damage traditional water proofing, therefore the root-protection of every roof with vegetation has to be ensured.


Root resistant and vapour control layer made of 0.4 mm thick elastic polyethylene regenerate. Applicable as a vapour control layer and can be used as a root resistant layer on green roofs when lied down with a 1.0 m overlapping. Dimensions: 4×25 m (W×L); Roll width: 1 m; wrapping: 100 m2/roll; colour: black

Product: DIADEM® FLW-400
Manufacturer’s certificate: APP Kft.

Technical data

Thickness (mm): 0,4
Tensile strength MD (EN 12311-2) (N/50mm): 330
Tensile strength TD (EN 12311-2) (N/50mm): 310
Material: PE-LD regenerate

Minimum order quantity: 35m2

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