Fall Protection System


  • Smart construction ⇒ for double safety- external tube for the stability, and internal energy absorption item, made all of stainless steel
  • Reduces the thermal bridge effect ⇒ integrated thermostop on the footplat and filled with EPS foam
  • Applicable for different thermal insulation heights
  • Usable for construction wood and trapezoidal sheet
  • Same diameter of waterproofing collar for every anchor ⇒ unique tube size for single, start, intermediate, end and corner posts
  • Freedom by planning due to complete product range ⇒ compatible with DiaSafe® anchoring points
  • Optimised material usage ⇒ up to 10 m span between the posts
  • State of the technology ⇒ tested and cetified by TÜV Austria according to EN 795:2012, type A (Single) and C (Glide), CEN/TS 16415:2013

DIADEM® Build-up

  • Waterproofing
  • Thermal insulation
  • Construction wood / trapezoidal sheet


Fixed fall-protection system for flat roofs to be used by roof-workers.


RoofX®-W/T Single or Glide stainless steel permanent anchor device for multipurpose use (for wooden or trapezoidal sheet structure) certified according to standards EN 795:2012 type “A” and „C” and CEN/TS 16415:2013, for max. 2 persons at a time, with stabilizing external tube and internal energy-absorption item, for mounting on wooden structure (min 22mm OSB3, massive wood, plywood) or for mounting on trapezoidal sheet (min. 0,75 mm thickness; S280); post height 500mm, installed with the appropriate Single head kit for single anchor point system or Glide head kit and permanent traveller device (DiaGlider-Fix) to work along a wire for wire anchor line system. Head kits and traveller are separately available. Supplied ready to install according to the approved implementation plan, to the technical building regulations and to manufacturer’s instructions, assembled and fixed to roof structure with the recommended fastening elements, and sealed with prefabricated insulating collar (D 50mm). The roof structure must be checked by a structural engineer regarding the acting forces!

Product: RoofX®-W/T
Certificate of Origin (MCO): APP Kft.
Website: www.diadem.com

Technical data

Height (mm): 500
Base size (mm): 400×400
Post diameter (mm): D 50
Material (post): stainless steel (1.4301)
Thickness of the roof-buildup (mm): 0-450
Max. number of users (Person): 2
Weight (kg/post): 6,06
Distance to the parapet wall (m): 2,5
Usage: 360° (horizontal)

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