Inclined roof system

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  • Recycled plastic lightweight construction
  • Curved sides – the cells can be easily connected and a stable raster can be made of them
  • Established hose pipe attachment option
  • Can be easily and quickly filled with planting medium

DIADEM® Build-up

  • sedum mat (MAT-25)
  • DiaDomino geo-cell filled with SEM substrate (8cm)
  • VLF-150 filter textile
  • DD-25H drain layer
  • VLU-300 mechanical protection textile
  • root-resistant waterproofing
  • additional layers


The raster made of the DiaDomino-DP inclined roof system is to protect the 20-50° angle inclined green roofs against erosion. Supported structure.


Recycled plastic cells developed for sloped green roof systems. The cells come
with recycled plastic battens to be fixed to each other. The DiaDomino-DP system
is mainly used to install extensive green roofs with a 20 to 50-degree slope
System components: DiaDomino-DP-cell (60×40×8cm), Material: rec-Polypropylene, DiaDomino-L connecting batten (118×4,5×2cm), material: rec.-Polyethylene, mounting screws. Colour: black; Material requirement: 4 cells/m2, 2 battens/m2. Weight: 5.65 kg/m2

Product: DIADEM® DiaDomino-DP
Manufacturer’s certificate: APP Kft.

Technical data

DiaDomino cell
Size (cm): 60x40x8
Material: Rec.-Polypropylene
DiaDomino-L connecting batten
Size (cm): 118×4,5×2
Material: Rec.-Polypropylene
System weight (kg/m2): 5,65
Material requirement: 4 cells/m2, 2 battens/m2
Colour: black

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