Growing media for extensive and intensive green roofs


  • Heat dampling capacity
  • Rain water utilization, vaporization
  • Light, thus applicable on most of the ceiling structures
  • Improves the micro-climate
  • Living space both for the nature and men


The growing media ensures the nutrients needed for the growth of plants, serves as a support to the roots, thus providing the ground of the growth of the vegetation. It includes mostly minerals, mixtures with proper air content, and durable good water permeability and stable structure.



Delivery of lightened mixture of growing media of type SEM, including mostly unorganic grist, and their professional spreading for extensive green roofs with multi-layers, in bulk or in big-bag. It is ideal as cropland layer of different stonecrops, houseleeks and wild flowers. Saturated weight: <1100 kg/m3; pH: 7,5-8,0.


Lightened mixture of growing media for intensive green roofs with multi-layers, including mostly unorganic grist mostly for shrubs, and other woody plants. The mixture includes admixtures of big absoprtion and loosening materials. Saturated weight: <1500 kg/m3; maximum water retention: 45-65 Vol%; organic material content: 3-10 m%. Transportation: in bags, „Big-Bag“ fabric-container, in bulk.

Pruduct: DIADEM® SEM / SIM
Manufacturer‘s certificate: APP Kft.

Technical data

Weight (saturated with water) (kg/m³): ca. 1200 <1500
pH (CaCl2) 7,5-8,0 7,5-8,0
Dredgingable part (d<0,063) (m%) <15 <20
Water retaining capacity / Max. water capacity (Vol%) 35<VKmax<65 45-65
Air content (besides max. water capacity) (Vol%) >10 >10
Organic material content (g/l) <65 <90
Salt soluble in water (g/l) <3,5 <2,5
Nutrient N-P-K (mg/l) 40-200-700 40-200-700

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