Extensive plants

The plants of DIADEM® 150 are mainly succulents , grasses and herbaceous perennials. These plants can live together in a stable partnership when started off with about 16 specimens per m2

Intensive plants

Intensive plants are a selection of flora and foliage, which are most suitable to live on a roof environment without endangering the structure of the building. Selecting woody stems create the feeling of a ground levei garden. Making our selection we considerednot only the habits of each species but also their resistence to damage by wind, frost and sun. When choosing the growth medium, plants with similar soil needs should be placed together. Below is a small sample of the plants available for intensive roof gardens. 
DIAlbum / MAT25
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DIAlbum / MAT25
Sedum shoots and carpet
500103 / 500109
  • Economical solution
  • Sedum that is guaranteed to develop on a greenroof, which results in a resistant and durable vegetation
  • Green roof ready to be handed over ⇒ the pre-grown plants allow the quick installation of an instant vegetation
  • Assures complete vegetation coverage, thus there is no danger of erosion
  • The roots are already developed at installation, thus there is less need of care
  • Suitable for roofs with inclination


Sedum shoots for scottering, consisting of 5-8 different Sedum species and varieties, trained for special green roof conditions. Proportion of flowering parts: <5%. Required quantity for machine sowing on industrial green roofs: 80-100 g/m2. Required quantity for manual sowing on smaller private areas: 100-150 g/m2. Sow immediately after delivery! May be stored in a cool, dry, shady place for max. 2-4 days.

Product: DIADEM® DIAlbum
Manufacturer‘s certificate: APP Kft.
Website: www.diadem.com

Sedum mat consisting of 5-8 different Sedum species and varieties, trained for special green roof conditions, for the immediate greening of extensive green roofs. Coverage: at least 75%; Thickness: approx. 2 cm; Dimension: from 2m2 to 4m2, depending on the required quantity; delivered in rolls; weight in dry condition: approx. 15 kg/m2; saturated weight: approx. 20 kg/m2. Has to be installed immediately after delivery! After the installation regulary watering (min. 20-30 l/m2) is needed, until the sedum mat has taken root firmly and the requested coverage is achieved.

Product: DIADEM® MAT25
Manufacturer‘s certificate: APP Kft.
Website: www.diadem.com

PIS jelvenyek ISO ujrahasznosithato
  Sedum species, number of species (pc): 5-8
  Shoot length (cm): 1-5
  Required quantity (g/m2): 80- 100 (machine sowing); 100-150 (manual sowing)
  Size (various, depending on the required quantity) (m2): 2-4
  Thickness (cm):ca.2 
  Weight (kg/m2):ca.20 (dry: ca 15)
  Vegetation coverage (%): min. 75

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