DiaSafe® Ballasted

DiaSafe® Ballasted Single Solo/Duo
CE-marked ballasted safety system against fall, for one (Solo) or for two (Duo) persons, standard EN795:2012 (valid since 31.01.2013) for Solo, and CEN/TS 16415:2012 for Duo, class A certified, as fall arrest or fall restraint system, installed without penetrating the water membrane, with “Amoeba”-shaped damping plate, with integrated DS-Single anchor post of stainless steel that is resistant to acid rain in industrial regions and salt air in coastal regions, with a fibreglass laminated cone and laminated ballasting mat, in signal-green colour, with heightmarking lines for assisting measurement of ballast material in dry conditions at 80 kg/mfor Solo (with accessory damping mat from 30 kg/m2) or 200 kg/m2 for Duo distributed evenly over the whole ballasting mat surface, supplied as fullyfunctional system ready for immediate professional installation according to the approved implementation plan and laid out using guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

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Product: DiaSafe® Ballasted Single Solo/Duo
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