Flow-delay retention board with CE marking, made of recycled high-impact polystyrene, 25 mm high, stepped barrier form, with deep-drawn recessed
evaporation vents and water channel system on the underside, compressive strength 322 kN/m2 (unfilled), water flow capacity on 2% roof slope 0.57 l/m*s
certified according to EN ISO 12958, water storage capacity 11.8 l/m2, runoff reference value according to FLL: 0,291, microbiological resistance tested (EN
12225), fire resistance classification “BROOF(t2)” (EN 13501-5), laid.

Product: DIADEM® DiaDrain-25H. 
Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO): APP Kft.
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DiaDrain 25H-DP
DiaDrain 25HF-M

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