Drainage board for surfaces exposed to high loads

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  • Extremely high compressive strength can be used by heavy vehicles
  • High drainage capacity
  • Can be paved frost-free
  • Stable form
  • Economical installation ⇒ negligible overlap loss
  • Environment protection ⇒ made from recycled primary waste which can be recycled

DIADEM® Build-up

  • Concrete tiles
  • Sand bedding
  • VLF-150 / VLF-200 filter geotextile
  • Grit bedding (4 mm – 11 mm)
  • DiaMassive-25 Drainage board
  • VLU-300 / VLU-500 protection fleece
  • GF-1000 skid layer (2 layers)
  • VLU-300 / VLU-500 protection fleece
  • Root-resistant layer
  • Existing build-up (roof deck)


When designing a roof with high load traffic, the primary aim is to ensure the effective and fast drainage of water. DiaMassive-25 conducts the water permeating the layer structure through the lower drainage opening to the lower level of the drainage board where it can flow freely to the roof outlet.


Drainage board with CE marking, made of polystyrene, formed on both sides, high load capacity, for green roofs with pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Tested according to EN ISO 256192, EN ISO 12958 and EN 12225. Made of recycled polystryrene; Compressive strength (unfilled): 827.9kN/m2; Compressive strength (filled): 1214.4kN/m2. Water flow capacity at 2% tested according EN ISO 12958 – 0.68 l/(m×s); In-fill volume: 11.8 l/m2; Weight: about 2,0 kg/m2; Board size: 196×90×2.5 cm (l×w×h), laying with overlap.

Product: DIADEM® DiaMassive-25.
Certificate of Origin (MCO): APP Kft.
Website: www.diadem.com

Technical data

Board size (mm): 1960 × 900 × 25
Overlap loss: 4%
In-fill volume (l/m2): 11,8
Suface weight (kg/m2): 2,0
Compressive strength (kN/m2): 827,9
Material: recycled polystyrene
Water flow capacity according to EN ISO12958 (l/m×s):1% lejtésnél: at 1%: 0,47 • at 2%: 0,68 • at 3%: 0,84 • at 5%: 1,11
Storage: horizontally, for long-term storage protect from UV radiation
Installation: adjacent to each other or overlapped, cover immediately after laying

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